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Air Steril WC Range


With every flush, toilets and urinals spread faecal microorganisms into the air, settling on exposed surfaces and leading to the accumulation of a high level of harmful viruses and bacteria. Poor ventilation, coupled with visitors who lack proper hand hygiene, all add to the hygiene problems found in washrooms

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Designed to have the highest odour and micro-organism control capabilities of any AIRsteril product in a washroom environment, with the lowest possible power consumption.

The vandal resistant Washroom Complete range has the flexibility to offer protection for facilities of all sizes.

In washrooms, odours and infections are created by bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and volatile organic compounds in the air and on all exposed surfaces. Fragrances or masking agents do little to improve hygiene, and cleaning and disinfecting alone are only a partial solution and cannot stop ongoing surface contamination. AIRsteril kills both surface and airborne bacteria and viruses. Its efficacy was certified to do this by the Health Protection Agency.

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