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ALLNEED Meso Proline Professional

For use in conjunction with the 1NEED Medical Microneedling device, the Meso ProLine products contain ultra-pure raw materials in high concentration with meticulously selected pharmaceutical grade formulations. They are sterile, without additives and perfectly tolerated by the skin. Combined with the most advanced non-invasive, painless, transdermal delivery system, treatment benefits are guaranteed with immediate results. The particular viscosity is characteristic of the high amount of hyaluronic acid contained in the formulation. These repair protocols help to deeply stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

5 x 5ml bottles per box
Hyaluronic acid, Marine collagen, Blackberry
Helps the skin to rebuild and hydrate and is particularly suitable for face and body scars, stretch marks, very damaged skin and deep wrinkles.

5 x 5ml bottles per box
Hyaluronic acid, Retinol, Panthenol
Helps to regenerate and hydrate to improve elasticity and is particularly suitable for all skin types and ages, in presence of wrinkles, dark spots, lack of tone and complexion.

$195.00 plus GST

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