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Cortex DermaLab Single

Professional precision tool for specific skin analysis

Expand your business by using valid specialized data
Be the expert in your one skin parameter of interest. To achieve this, you only need one powerful instrument. Whether you are a leading skin researcher or you are serving clients in your aesthetics clinic, this is the workhorse you can trust.

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The DermaLab Single is the highly accredited skin measurement standard for professionals who have one specific skin measuring need. From a large variety of essential skin parameters, you choose the one you need.

The instrument delivers scientific and objective measurements, which not only supports and confirms skin research, but also enables evidence based dermatological advice and offer treatments in aesthetic clinics.

Choose your parameter
The DermaLab Single is available with well-known parameters for measuring TEWL, elasticity and hydration.

But it is also available with the 10 MHz and 20 MHz high resolution ultrasound probes. The 20 MHz for measuring skin thickness as well as skin structure, and the 10 MHz for visualising subcutaneous layers and structures with a maximum of 40 mm penetration.

The DermaLab Single is delivered complete with probe, main unit and software that connects to laptops/tablets running Windows.

Further below you can see the probes that are available as parameters for the DermaLab Single.


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