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DSM4 Colorimeter

All you need –
when you need to
know about color

The latest color technology
The professional Colorimeter
DSM-4 provides you with accurate
skin optimised measurements for:
• Color
• Pigmentation
• Erythema
• Gloss

Intuitive calibration
Portable calibrator with:

• White
• Zero
• Gloss

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Advanced software with automatic
classification of skin phototype (ITA)
in 6 groups: very light, light, intermediate,
tan, brown, and dark.
High quality working standards
ensure reliable measurements
over time.


Advanced software
The latest color technology with automatic classification of skin phototype.

Clear overview of samples
Customise settings for extended views with more details of your samples.

Perfect for remote work
The modern portable design and integrated calibrator is perfect for working remote.

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