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Enozo Pro

Adept Technology utilising a diamond cell to produce Aqueous Ozone for sanitising and odour control offering a 99.9 % kill rate on bacteria/germs, the Professional bottle offers a life of 5000 refills as it turns normal tap water into a powerful germ killer.

$799.00 plus GST

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On-Demand & Portable

  • Aqueous ozone produced on-demand with the pull of a trigger
  • Trigger activates micro-pump to draw water through the electrolytic diamond to create aqueous ozone
  • Point of use sanitizing power
  • Lightweight and compact bottle design
  • Meets FDA requirements for hard, non-porous surface cleaning and sanitizing
  • Easy to Use
  • LED indicator to notify when bottle is producing aqueous ozone
  • LED indicator to notify when bottle needs to be charged
  • Able to dispense at least 10 full reservoirs (one gallon) of sanitizing solution per charge; 5000 refills per battery life
  • For cleaning: spray and wipe
  • For sanitizing: spray and allow to sit for 30 seconds, then wipe with a clean, dry cloth or let air dry

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