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GreenLyte Industrial Mutlipurpose Cleaner/Degreaser

Sodium hydroxide solution is colourless and odourless. It has the ability to transmute hard grease and fat build-up into dissolvable soap. Sodium hydroxide excels in the cleaning industry due to its accessibility, affordability, ease of detection and disposal.
One of the most effective grease-cutting compounds

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The ultimate, all-natural grease-cutting cleaner for all-round cleaning.

Professional grade grease-cutting cleaner made from 100% natural ingredients. Our GreenLyte Cleaner replaces most general purpose and grease-cutting cleaners made with harsh chemicals. It is the perfect surfactant for lifting dirt, cutting stubborn grease and oily messes.

Available in: 5L / 750ml

We harness the power of nature to deliver a natural yet powerful cleaning and sanitising solution.

Ingredients: Water, sodium hydroxide.
Directions for use: Spray liberally onto the area to be cleaned. Use a clean towel or cloth to wipe away grease/dirt. Food contact surfaces such as counters and tables must be rinsed with water.

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