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GreenLyte Mutlipurpose Cleaner 750ml

GreenLyte is a high powered, ultra-effective multi-purpose cleaning agent. GreenLyte leaves no residue and controls odours while having no odour itself.

GreenLyte is created through the electrochemical activation of water. Utilising a salt and water brine solution passed through an electrolytic cell that generates the catholyte solution. This weak sodium hydroxide (NaOH) multi-purpose cleaning solution has an alkaline pH level of 11.5 and is completely non-hazardous to people, animals and the environment.

$19.95 plus GST

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MultiPurpose Cleaner
Cleaners for most stains with 100% natural ingredients
Ideal for: benchtops, ovens, stovetops, tiles, bathrooms, floors, common household surfaces, vehicle interiors.
Removes tough grease and dirt
Keeps surfaces fresh and clean
Non-toxic and alcohol-free
Ready to use powerful cleaning solution.
Available in: 750ml / 5L concentrate

We harness the power of nature to deliver non-toxic yet powerful cleaning and sanitising solutions.

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