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Medisun Psori Comb

Treatment of the scalp and small areas of skin

Simple and effective therapy with the medisun Psori comb. The lightweight UV comb is ergonomically in the hand and convinces by a high UV intensity. The device can also be used without a comb row for partial exposure of small areas. The transparent acrylic cover protects the user against UV scattered radiation. Short exposure times allow a time-saving application.

The medisun psori comb is an aid. On prescription of the attending physician the health insurance company can accept the costs on application.

Targeted and effective Phototherapy of the Scalp and Partial body areas.

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Medisun® Psori comb permits targeted treatment of small skin areas, e.g. on the hands, elbows, the hollows of the knees, etc. The comb row is used as a spacer and can be removed if necessary. Extensive accessories included

The Medisun® Psori comb is delivered in a padded transport box, with detailed usage instructions, UV protection goggles and a countdown timer. The enclosed dosage-time table permits a reproducible dosage per second. The external shock-proof plug leads to a very light-weight and easy manageably lamp module for treating the scalp. A referral from your dermatologist is required for the purchase of this product.

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