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Quill Monoderm Sutures

The Quill ™ barbed suture is a time-saving closure device that eliminates the need to tie knots to secure the closure. The barbed design evenly distributes tension offering a unique combination of security and speed—increasing both efficiency and value. Helical barbed pattern maximizes tissue grab and hold. Available in a box of 12 Racetrack packed sutures.


$288.75 plus GST

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Quill Sutures offers an effective no knot required technique and fast wound closure results.   The efficiency of the Quill sutures reduces the time for patients on the operating table and in the operating theatre.

Quill sutures offer an increased healing process. An increased healing process is achieved by Wound tension being evenly distributed across the barbs. Cosmetic outcomes are important to most patients, a strong cosmetic result is achieved through the elimination of Train track scars.

The Quill sutures are Ideal for the use in older patients. When the skin is fragile there is less trauma on the skin due to specially design barbs eliminating drag on the skin and surface suturing.

  • Great cosmetic outcomes due to no knots
  • Very Sharp German Needles 302 Stainless steel Strong and bend resistant
  • Needles are silicon coated to reduce drag
  • Square body for stability – No roll
  • Sutures are race track packed to reduced kinking and suture memory

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