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Surgi+Soft Wound Dressing

Surgi + Soft Post-operative absorbant non woven Dressings are available in a range of sizes. The non-woven Island Dressings are soft, comfortable and superior quality at an impressive price.

$4.35$18.85 plus GST

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Non-Woven Island Dressing provide the following features:




Bacteria Proof

Low Adherant pad

Rounded Corners

Easy to apply and remove

Flexible and comfortable

Box of 50

Order code Dressing size Pad Size No in Box
GMT-00301 7.5cm x 5cm 3cm x 4cm 50
GMT-00302 6cm x 10cm 3cm x 5cm 50
GMT-00303 8cm x 10cm 4cm x 5cm 50
GMT-00304 10cm x 15cm 5cm x10cm 50



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