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1NEED Medical Micro Needling Handpiece DER-MSN-1001

1NEED is the exclusive medical device CE class IIB with wireless operation and technology, produced by Campomats for Medical Microneedling treatments, Aesthetic Micropricking, Nano Peelings and Microdermabrasion of advanced technology.

Thanks to the different types of cartridges and the various protocols available, 1NEED is the ideal tool for:
– Conveyance and Absorption of Active Ingredients
– Toning and Rejuvenation of the Skin
– Blemishes, Signs of Age and Hyperpigmentation
– Acne Scars
– Keloids
– Improvement of Expression Lines and Deep Wrinkles
– Stimulation of Cell Renewal
– Collagen Stimulation and Activation
– Advanced Peeling
– Hair Growth Stimulation
– Anti-Cellulite Treatment
– Stretch Mark Treatment
– Eye Area Treatment

$2,750.00 plus GST

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1NEED consists of an ergonomically designed handpiece in Argal aluminium, a very useful handpiece holder in white polymer, a CE medical power supply for recharging the high-performance lithium battery with 5V motor. This allows the operator to work with the device in both wired and wireless mode. The handpiece and accessories are packaged in an elegant aluminium case.

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