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Taking care of your patients is already a massive responsibility. Do you really want to add purchasing logistics, equipment downtime, and poor customer support to the list of things you have to worry about?

Let our team here at AusDerm take care of everything for you, so you can go back to what you do best: ensuring your patients get the best skin health outcomes possible.

We’ll not only supply you with the best dermatology equipment available today, we’ll also provide you with expert training and top-notch customer support every step of the way.

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Effect of Skin Conditions on
Quality of Life and Healthcare Economics

Mortality Rate

Skin cancer causes more deaths than transport accidents in Australia.

Psychological Impact

Patients diagnosed with psoriasis are 18% more likely to be depressed, 30% more likely to have anxiety, and 17% more prone to suicidal thoughts.

Financial Impact

Benefits claims in Australia for melanoma alone cost over $10 million per year.

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As a niche company in Dermatology Devices and Equipment, it is important for us to understand our customer’s needs. 

Purchasing a UV cabinet for the first time can be a daunting experience. Our team are specialists in the field of UV and we pride ourselves on our ability to assist you with all aspects of what you might need to ensure that your business is future-proof. The technical and software knowledge of our head specialist technical engineer is well known to all our current customers.  Our technicians and sales staff are trained and updated on a regular basis at the manufacturing site in Germany, giving you confidence that our staff knows whatever the manufacturer knows and often more when it comes to the operation of the devices in our country.

Our products are leading-edge, premium, innovative products from Europe, the USA, and South Korea giving you the confidence that all of the products being skin cancer related or UV related have expert technology behind them and supportive global manufacturers.

Our team understands that confidentiality is an important fact when dealing with customers in a small industry and geographic area. When working with AusDerm you can trust that your information is always confidential.

Dermatology Equipment Supplier
Dermatology Equipment Supplier

Skin Cancer Healthcare Professionals

Operating as a skin cancer professional means that you need the tools to help you in your chosen area of GP specialty. We have sourced products with the GP in mind that offer world-leading technology, reliability, well-supported manufacturer warranties, and value for money. Our sales and support team are very knowledgeable and are able to assist you in your equipment requirements and how these compare with others products in the market. Our skin cancer devices and surgical lighting ranges are developed by optical and LED engineering companies to provide you with the highest quality when it comes to imaging, photography, and recording. 


We offer quick and precise tender processes, we understand the hospital dermatology departments, and will always provide the most accurate submissions that meet the needs of each individual hospital at the most economical pricing regime. As local support and service are always of high importance we ensure that we prioritise this need. All of our systems meet the strict guidelines required for the hospital system and our service and support meets the warm and friendly requirement of the people at the face of the department.

Dermatology Equipment Supplier
Dermatology Equipment Supplier


We work closely with education providers to support ongoing and up-to-date information which assists in the upskilling of healthcare professionals. Whether you are a large college-based provider or a small learning group looking to continually update your skillset and knowledge, AusDerm will work with you to ensure you have the training, support, and tools that will enable you to get the best skin health outcomes for your patients.

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