At AusDerm, we understand that your primary focus is providing a safe, professional and efficient service to your patients. With this at the top of our priority list, we pride ourselves on supplying quality hardware and reliable software from innovative manufacturers, who stand behind their products.

Our technical staff are trained by the manufacturers at their facilities. We have direct lines of communication to the manufacturers to provide the fastest resolution possible to any issues that arise, as we’re jointly committed to optimising equipment performance.


We undertake complimentary on-site inspections,  involving bespoke  advice on medical electrical installation compliance  and configuration of the clinic environment (such as ventilation, lighting, room size, and access) prior to  installation of any the equipment. Project management of each installation, which begins with the environment evaluation and carries through to commissioning the equipment on site, training and troubleshooting advice and handing over to your operational personnel.

dermatology equipment services

Preventative Maintenance

We will help you keep your equipment in perfect working order by:

  • Checking and cleaning individual lamps and reflectors
  • Calibrating lamp outputs with approved testing equipment
  • Calibrating and cleaning UV sensors
  • Replacing air filters 
  • Checking it internal electrics and protective earth conductor thresholds
  • Checking for electrical current leakage
  • Cleaning and removing any dust build up

These proactive procedures typically improve unit effectiveness by result in a 10-15%.

Education and Training

AusDerm  provide you and your team expert training on each piece of equipment so you make the most out of your investment.