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Illuco IDS 1100 DER-DER-1002

IDS-1100, the Dermatoscope with excellent optics and bright illumination – an innovation from optical experts

$1,450.00 plus GST

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Dermoscopy requires a high-quality magnifying lens and likewise high quality light sources that can help with examining skin structures and patterns. The IDS Range provides the Skin cancer professional with
Excellent optical quality
25mm lens with 22mm large field of view
Highly optimized light illumination (32 LEDs)
When you are needing the best performace during your dermoscopy examinations the IDS range of dematoscopes will gaurantee you that these needs are met.

IDS-1100 is a Hybrid dermatoscope offerring both cross and parallel polarized light.

Unlike non-polarized dermatoscopes, which always require contact with the skin and the use of an interface medium(oil immersion), IDS-1100 uses cross-polarized light to reduce surface light scatter. It means, you can examine multiple lesions with IDS-1100 more efficicently and without the need to introduce an oil or interface fluid. On the other hand, there are lesions tht you may want a different perspective on and this can be obtained through a more traditional apporach, using non polarised light and fluid. IDS-1100 can produce images by both oil immersion and cross-polarization. Blue Light indication for Polarization mode

Features of the IDS 1100

  • 10 x Magnification
  • 22 mm wide field of view
  • 3 levels brightness
  • Cross and parallel polarization light source
  • Bright light with 32 LEDs
  • Small Contact plate for examination of narrow and hard reach areas (6mm, 8mm)
  • Smartphone and camera compatibility
  • Protect glass (Contact plate) with easy detachable magnetic mechanism.
  • Automatic shut down after 5 min. idle run
  • IDS-1100 has a new indicator that lights up when polarization mode is active.

These features will be very useful to dermoscopy beginners and the experts alike in improving accuracy and confidence in your diagnosis.

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