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Medisun – 250

A simple device for the clinic or home treatment of partial body skin conditions that repsond to UV phototherapy

  • UVA or UVB-311 lamps for various therapies
  • Therapy while standing, lying down and sitting
  • Short exposure times thanks to high-performance lamps
  • Electronic time control with dose time table or Joule timer with dose input
  • Gas pressure spring with stepless height adjustment
  • Mobile and space-saving swivel tripod
  • Time limit and safety shutdown
  • User-friendly operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Protective glass protects against contact with the lamps
  • Automatic switch-off at the end of the exposure time
  • Easy to clean

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Versatile partial body therapy

The compact part body system medisun 250 enables universal use and countless treatment options. Thanks to the mobile swiveling stand, the treatments can be comfortably carried out while lying, standing or sitting.

The exposure time is set via an integrated electronic timer using the dose table. Due to the large exposure field of 60 x 40 cm, the feet, hands and even the head can be well treated in addition to the easily accessible skin areas.

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