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Medisun 2800 Innovation – Basic

Medisun 2800 Innovation Basic version, the option for treatment of patients where lack of space and cost is a consideration. The 2800 offers an effective and efficient treament of skin disease that benefits from UV exposure.

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Medisun 2800 innovation UV cabins provide the highest level of safety, comfort and efficiency for both patients and halthcare professionals.

This comprehensive and innovative equipment includes many desireable features. For instance, an integrated touch screen conveniently controls the cabinet’s operation. The large interior creates a pleasant feeling of space for the patient. Secure grab handles and patient ventilation provide additional comfort. The acrylic protective glass reliably prevents contact with the UV lamps for increased safety and comfort. There is also a fall protection system for unstable patients. With many other equipment features, Medisun UV cabins offer the highest level of safety, comfort, and ease of use.

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