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Medisun 2800 Innovation – Standard

The Medisun® 2800 Innovation is the new technological standard for whole-body UV treatment. Operation and control is carried out by an integrated touch PC with UV sensor measurement. UVA, UVB-311 or combined exposures can be carried out. Equipment with UVA-1 spectrum is also possible.

The ergonomic arrangement of the 8 modules, each with 5 UV lamps, in conjunction with a newly developed lamp control offers optimized dose accuracy. Even patients with different body sizes can now be dosed evenly.

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Medisun 2800 innovation UV cabins provide the highest level of safety, comfort and efficiency for both patients and treating halthcare professionals.

The extensive and innovative equipment leaves practically nothing to be desired. The cabin is conveniently operated using an integrated touch PC. The large interior space creates a pleasant feeling of space during a patients treatment. Convieniently placed Grab handles in the interior and patient ventilation provide additional comfort. The acrylic protective glass reliably prevents contact with the UV lamps for both a safety and comfort perpsective.

For unstable patients, there is also a fall protection with automatic device shutdown. With many other equipment features, medisun UV cabins offer the highest level of safety, treatment comfort and ease of use.”

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