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Waldmann UVC Zapp 18

ZAPP, The Light with ultra-short wavelengths, damages the genetic material of microorganisms.

The ZAPP! air steriliser uses UV-C to inactivate aerosol particles in the air.

$899.00 plus GST

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ZAPP!18 and ZAPP!80 can be used either as floor-standing or wall-mounted devices. They do not generate ozone or ionize the room air and are whisper-quiet. They are made of hygienic white, powder-coated aluminium to provide an aesthetical pleasing compliment to a room.ZAPP! uses UV-C lamps with a wavelength of 254 nm.

The room’s air containing viruses and fungi are continuously passed through the lamp body. There, the DNA and RNA of the microorganisms absorb the UV-C radiation; this blocks cell division and the microorganisms die.The room air is passed through the ZAPP! in a controlled manner by a fan, and sterilised inside the unit by UV-C radiation. Sterilisation up to 99%.

Flexible positioning allows ZAPP! to be mounted or fixed anywhere in the room by means of the included stand or wall bracket.

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