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DermaLab Combo

A complete and powerful multi-parameter skin analysis system operated by a wirelessly connected tablet PC. This unit can be freely configured with the following parameters: High resolution ultrasound, TEWL, elasticity, hydration, sebum, pH, temperature, video scope as well as skin color (melanin and erythema).

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The new DermaLab® Combo Series is completely new inside as well as outside. Based on the same concept as its widely acknowledged predecessor, this fully configurable instrument is now entirely controlled from a tablet PC, which connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the main unit. Just connect application probes as needed. The list of new features is long and adds two new parameters – skin temperature and a probe for skin pH. This means that a total of ten different skin parameters including high resolution ultrasound skin imaging may be freely combined in one unit. Also, the measurement of skin elasticity has been completely redeveloped featuring instant application of a preset negative pressure and direct readout of elevation vs. applied vacuum. This principle reduces the measurement time to just a few seconds.

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