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Histofreezer STAT

Histofreezer STAT is a revolutionary advance in portable cryosurgery that delivers a colder, environmentally-friendly cryogen. The Histofreezer STAT canister works with buds or cones. Every improvement was designed with one goal in mind – better first-time results for your patients.


$749.00 plus GST

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Patented flow control technology has superior efficiency and eliminates splattering of cryogen.

The cryogen gas gets colder immediately, is nonflammable, and environmentally friendly.

An open design allows users to choose buds or cones and has a handle design allowing for single hand delivery of gas via the cone.

The cone design allows for deeper freezing with less gas used. The bud design uses less gas and is rechargeable, allowing you to treat multiple lesions. The bud material is customizable to treat smaller lesions.

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