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Illuco Loupes – TTL (ITL Series) Through The Lens Loupes

These loupes provide a comfortable ergonomic posture and view. Both Galilean (GL) and Prismatic (PM) available.

Illuco has extensive optics engineering, design and production experience.

Using an ultra-low dispersion lens (ED) to minimise chromatic aberration, these loupes show vivid colour reproducibility and high-sharpness images, Broadband Anti-Reflection (BBAR) is applied to maintain a clear image in any environment.



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Through The Lens (TTL) Loupes  |  ITL Series

  • TTL are made-to-measure specifically designed with a fixed barrel mounted into the loupe lens.
  • Configuration is based on the users individual pupillary and working distance measurements.
  • Ergonomic and remarkably lightweight with high resolution and various magnifications.
  • Wide range of choices based on preference and convenience.
  • Perfect clarity through exclusive Illuco optical design.
  • Laser aligned optics for precise convergence angle.
  • Wider field-of-view by attaching closer to eyes.

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