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Illuco Wired Headlights | IHL Series

It’s recommended to consider loupes and headlights as two elements of one solution. Each impacts the other and both affect wearer comfort and efficiency.

When choosing your headlight, consider your options:

  • Wired or wireless
  • Unit weight
  • Charging time
  • Light intensity (LUX)
  • Compatibility with your loupes

Illuco has an extensive range of configurable loupes and headlights to suit your specific requirements.


$1,450.00 plus GST

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  1. Wired Headlight : IHL-1000  |  DER-LOU-1016
    Weight: 214g
    Light intensity: 45000 lux
    Color temperature: 6000K
    Focus beam size (@ 305mm): 105mm
    LED life: 50,000 Hr
    Battery Type: 3.7V, 4800mAh
    Battery Life: 6~8 hr
    Charging time: 3.5 hr
    Battery life time: 500 Recharge cycles
    Curing filter: included
    LOW BATT (led indicator): LED
    Indication of the battery recharge condition: 6 steps

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