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Medisun PDT 9000

Innovative light treatment systems for painless exposure of photodynamic therapy (PDT). Offer your patients the most modern form of PDT exposure.Large-area 3-D treatments (field cancerization) with 8 ergonomically arranged LED lamp modules (medisun PDT 9000) for homogeneous, painless exposure around the head to the décolleté.

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With the outdoor daylight PDT with natural sunlight, an alternative therapy protocol was developed that contains all wavelengths of light and is significantly less painful. However, the actual irradiance and the spectral composition of the light depend on a number of uncontrollable factors, such as the season, time of day, temperature, altitude above sea level, geographical location and weather conditions.Conventional red light PDT has been established for many years because it has proven to be very effective. However, the therapy protocols used are associated with great pain for the patients. UNTIL NOW.

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