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Mimsal MS Flex

MS FLEX is a minor surgery and advanced exploration luminaire. The lamp is manufactured with a LED light source and it is mounted with a highly precise flexible arm. Its arm allows the luminaire to be adjusted in any position.

The quality of the materials used in its manufacture makes it especially suitable for intensive use in surgery and examinations.

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Exceptional quality of LED light

The powerful LED light source offers exceptional light quality and a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

The high performance of the colour Ra 97% depicts the exceptional quality of white light for an excellent distinction of fabrics and its reproducing all visible colours, naturally and precisely.

MS FLEX 25.000 lux at 50 cm
On/Off version.

Ergonomic design

The circular shape of the head and its handle in the lower part facilitate its exact positioning, fulfilling the ergonomic requirements for any use.

Designed with clean and soft shapes which facilitate hygiene and cleanliness in medical environments.

Mounting options

The standard version includes AH table clamp. As accessories, we offer a wide selection of supports such as wall supports, wall extension arms, trolleys stand and rail brackets.

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